CBN is a way for independently owned stores to leverage their combined square footage and promotional power to create new revenue opportunities and build a stronger business. Running a small business is hard, and CBN makes it easier. We have over 1,300 stores that participate in North America.

How does my store join COMIC BOOK NETWORK?

Fill out one of our online submission questionnaires. One of our reps will call you and talk through your qualifications and the benefits. You must have owned or managed a brick-and-mortar comic book store for at least one year.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to you. A free 42-inch 4K Flat Screen Monitor will be installed in your store within six weeks of your approval.

What are the benefits?

Promotions. In-store Exclusive Events. Daily Content -- all designed to drive more foot traffic and make your store a neighborhood destination.

Do the CBN In-Store Screens belong to me?

The in-store screens belong to CBN, but are yours to use as long as you abide by the CBN agreement.