CBN  Coin Builds  Community,
Brand  Loyalty  and  Shared  Value

Built on our Comic Book Chain technology, CBN Coin™ proprietary cryptocurrency/blockchain technology creates a virtual global economy and shared cultural identity among the CBN Audience

Inside of CBN, CBN Coin™ builds viewer loyalty and a sense of community while increasing viewer spending, retention, and evangelization

  • Incentivizes viewers to spend more time in our ecosystem to unlock rewards

In the Physical World, CBN Coin™ is real money, so viewers can see a real cash return on time and effort spent with CBN

  • Our audience can take their money from the CBN ecosystem and use it in the physical world for other things
  • Underlying blockchain technology mitigates the risk of fraud, and gives users complete anonymity to purchase what they want without having to worry that their currency will be taken away by any government institution